Shop Supplies

EZ Stain Logo Intermix blending system – A user friendly stain matching system for finishers of any skill level and shops of any size.
Water based intermix blending system. The Eco-Friendly version of the popular EZ Stains.
Disposable cup system for any spray gun. Allows any cup gun to spray inverted, while drastically minimizing solvent used for cleaning.
SATA Versatile spray guns for industrial applications. Fine atomization, compact and light weight, voc-compliant
Sia Abrasives Improve your finish with the new generation of wood working belts and discs. Your key to a perfect surface.
Chemco Safety Spray booth intake/ exhaust filters removable booth coatings, flame retardant surface protection.
Disposable nitrile, latex and vinyl gloves. Dust masks and respirators.
Disposable mixing cups with graduated measurements and mixing ratios.